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Society History 1925

The first Winchester Photographic Society Exhibition , 11th to 14th February 1925

Thanks go to George Walsh for collecting and preserving these mementos of the early days of the WPS.

1925 Exhibition  img248  
The first Exhibition, 11th to 14th February 1925  
Within the photograph are:  
No.1 The President of the WPS. Mr.H.T.Brookes to the right of him is the Mayor of Winchester Councillor H.D.Johnson who opened the First Exhibition held at the School of Art, Guildhall ,Winchester by kind permission of the Winchester Higher Education Sub-Committee Held from 11th.- 14th. February 1925.  
We would be grateful for information regarding the other people in the photograph. Please let us know if you can provide information on them.  Contact Gerard Carlin.  
We believe within the photo could be Vice President Councillor H.P.Vacher (also Ex.-Mayor ). Dr F.F.C. Jagger (Treasurer), Mr F.B. Heathcote Wride, Dr A.E.Boddington M.A. Mr.H.F.Hale ( Hon. Sec.) Canon W.E.Hancock, The Rev.J.R.Husband Vice-President Councillor H.P.Vacher (Ex.Mayor of Winchester ) and Comm. Members Mrs. Hochstetler, Mrs Leigh-Spencer, Miss M.Babbage, Mr.A.E Rice. Mr.A.Clements, Mr.H.A Leonard  
Exhibition 1925 img255 Reception area  
The Reception area  
Exhibition 1925 img253 General Exhibition area  
 General Exhibition area  
A corner of the Exhibition area